by King Buzzard

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released July 16, 2017

produced by Kalio Sittlinger and King Buzzard
mixed and engineered by Kalio Sittlinger
mastered by James Dunsmore

Eric Moran played electric guitar and sang harmonies on most every song
Brett James Lindsay played drums on cell sharpened and process
Lucas Thompson played bass on i'm so sick and explain

art and design by Ariane Lapointe-Auger

all songs written and performed by King Buzzard
additional writing credits to Eric Moran

recorded at The Ditch 4488 in Vancouver, BC during february of two thousand seventeen



all rights reserved


King Buzzard Vancouver, British Columbia

actively grateful

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Track Name: i'm so sick
i'm so tired
of not
loving you
and carving
out of wood
they've been living
in my back
and ripping
through my shoes
i'm so sick of loving you
Track Name: explain
all i know is
this city
sucked the smooth out
of my skin
leaving nothing
much more than poison
in the streets

things get darker
and strange
when i'm standing
in range
a satellite
ridding through my brain

feeling fuzzed out
and cool
sour eyelids
power tools
but i wonder
if you wonder
about me

all alone
is insane
i saw fit
to complain
i bellyache
cause i'm hungry

i don't wanna sound too messianic
but i think i've found a solution
for all of this
my eyes project
unyielding white light
i can explain

words don't seem
to escape
i'm all glue stick
and tape
bottom feeder
it's all the same

empty wallet
empty mind
out of water
out of time
i feel the devils finger
in my back

when we were closer
i caved
you were kinder
and brave
i was wreaking
little havocs
in yer hair

then you took off
for good
and i figured
i would
keep caving
and raising
little hells
Track Name: edmonton
despite always waiting
was a means to have some fun
but under the table
hid a gun

ever antiquated
but underlyingly unsure
of choices that she makes

so she cooks
she loads
and she shoots
but the belt around her arm
chokes her life out like a noose
the belt around her arm
is absolute

maternal intentions
absorb just like a sponge
dried out expectations
in the sun

and under the table
where the loaded gun was kept
let me take your place now
and deflect

so she takes the gun
she loads the gun
she loves the gun
she loathes the gun
rested in her palm
with her finger on
but she's hesitating
Track Name: cell sharpened
yer cellphone seemed to sharpen
every time a call came through past nine
but you never knew
a call
to be a cleaver at last
until you picking up
would bleed yer ear

i know that you can't speak
to all the times we fucked away
in twisted sheets
and fresh green juice
but you gotta admit
it's felt a bit like zeno's paradox
or a tiny little taste
of bitter thoughts

i don't want to save the world anymore
i just hope i can save myself
i'm a masturbatory over-thinker

i truly love the way yer wrists
were twistin'
when you'd dance
within the jar
where you reside
and yer fingers
were shaping signals
that you'd finally
let go
to separate the part of you
i know
there's no room for animals
but service dogs
so take a hike
or learn to walk it off

yer cellphone seemed to sharpen
every time i call

i know that you can't speak
to all the times we fucked

i truly love the way
i could twist yer wrists

half full
it's all the same drink to me
Track Name: vivadixie
i've been hiding
behind a piece of wood
and some slicker words
than most people
ought to listen to

maybe i know that
and this is a consequence
of more
of a sad and lonely me
among my friends and family
someone peel me off

bless you vivadixie
why don't you go bend
something else
because we both know
i'm such a chore

i've been painting my love
in fewer strokes
and sleeping
on the floor
since your suicide
in montreal

so tell me to get lost
and i'll pretend
like i was there in the first place
just let me have my moment
to regret

cause i'm the smoking gun
the violet moon
i'm a monster truly
clipping off my claws
can't change me

i suspect
a softer spell will release me

if there's one thing i'm good at
it's blaming trees
when i can't breathe
if there's one thing i'm good at
it's blaming god
when i can't see
if there's one thing i'm good at
it's blaming
for leaving
Track Name: process
every day
seems to be
another process of forgiveness
forget a way
to conceive
petty thoughts
mind yer business

i hate the place
wherein you lead
i feel calmer through conviction
tongue in knots
known disease
save yer facts
gimme fiction

take my hand
on the wheel
fighting frost
winter commitment
can't feel my ears
my toes
or the love
wonder where it went

i'm staring straight
between yer ears
but can't hear you whisper
listed regrets
and our miles of road
over the years
are now but thoughts
through wistful cigarettes

i know
you wore me well
but if only
yer name was safer
in my mouth
it breaks my back
to know you
sleep it off

break me down
cause lord i know
i've learned to stay
Track Name: august 1616
there's some stuff in my sink
that i don't wanna clean
i've been chewing on matches
since you chose to leave
i've been afraid
of photos
and where
they might lead
so i'm stuck swiping lighters

when the lights go out i get angry
and i just want to turn them on
when the lights go out i get angry
and i just wanna make you comfortable

there's a whistle through
these gap toothed streets
and i don't want to lose it now

i wasted all my data on you
and i'm tryin' not to lose it now

if i could keep my fingers off this thing
i wouldn't be such a loser now

if i could hold a candle
to yer new boyfriend
i'd set him
on fire
for breaking
yer water
i hope yer father knew